Product overview and feature

Vixtera Edge (ViEdge) is Industrial IoT Edge Software. Delivering integrating solution for mision-critical applications within asset-intensive industries

  • High velocity of device on-boarding and maintenance

  • Instant data collection, processing and analysis

  • Real-time failure detection and prevention

  • Seamless binding of devices and external data-driven platforms


To guide industrial Enterprises, Manufacturers and VARs, Vixtera has developed the IIoT software framework ViEdge and is assisting in customization and productization of integrated solutions aimed to accelerate and simplify deployment and operation. The ready-made software framework is powered by patented technologies helping to accelerate asset management and decision making, expand operational visibility and reduce the cost to automate infrastructure and operation

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The ViEdge auto-discovers, configures and establishes full control of any device while filtering, balancing and contextualizing the collected data. It detects and identifies root cause of the problem facilitating rapid response to any failure and using it as a reliable source (label) for NN training and AI/DL modeling helping to produce consistently good-quality data for predictive services.


Vixtera Edge (ViEdge) is architected as an intelligent connector, a gateway - a synergetic framework of content plane to ANY control plane-based solution. It facilitates cohesive “physical to logical” interconnectivity, including composing of uniformly formatted MQTT payload, unifying OT and IT processes across a single data plane while overcoming burdens of integrating disparate devices, applications and data-driven services.

When deep analyses or connection to incumbent platform is required, the ViEdge workflow engine collects and analyzes the data and seamlessly, in a snap, feeds the relevant aggregated data to external analytics platforms without needs for frequent patches, additional software and endless integration.

Device Connectivity

You have to connect before being able to collect any data. Vixtera developed and patented technique allowing seamless connectivity of any device across any comm protocol without any need for a driver or code. You simply create a JSON text file using declarative language while configuring a declarative protocol specific to your device - no driver and minimum effort is required. You then merely copy/paste this file to communicate with device or to perform the frequent upgrades. What is critical and valuable for IoT continuous operation is that file and protocol can be easily customized adapting to any change, like new configurations or sensors, without coding or specialized skill.

viege agent

Device Connectivity features:

  • Device/Vendor Agnostic

  • NO Drivers, SDK or Coding

  • Seamless Device Adaption

  • Rapid Changes & Upgrades

device connectivity example

Data Connector

ViEdge data connector is a functionality that moves data from ViEdge to other locations. ViEdge data connector makes easy the complicated tasks of preparing data and setting up complex extract, transform and load (ETL) processes.

data connector

Data Connector features

  • Instant data insights at the edge

  • Seamlesss connector to platforms and applications

  • Rapid delivery of custom analytics and applications

  • Quick path to Predictive and Prescriptive analytics